Anonymous said: how many blogs do you follow and which are your most favourites ?

As of right now I’m following 476 blogs (check my blogroll) and my absolute favorite blogs are jinazo, whitegirlinahanbok, chaitea-thaitea, buddhacoffee, bluejellyfishh, astronayoung,gangnam-clique, blank-notebooks, 110192, greensoju, m-ongoloid, dearsymphony, vivasoul, girltokyo, seung-young, ablazedays, seoulcityb1tch, seoul-wasted, gukkiescum, lavenderbunny and thats all I can think of right now. But check them out their blogs are amazing.

  1. bluejellyfishh said: dying @__@
  2. ablazedays said: me? really??? ;___;
  3. spoopywif2 said: askdjbnbferf ~~~ /cries/ im one of your faves??? aksjnkddsffv
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